White Houses Refuses Interviewing For Alternate Press Secretary

white-houses-refuses-interviewing-for-alternate-press-secretaryA force came to the White House to refuse claims that the White House has been interviewing for a fresh press secretary to alternate Sean Spicer.

A contributor from Fox News, Carl Higbie claims that he got an offer for his assistance. He also included that there was an unofficial talk with the White House. The conversation according to him belonged to his communication role on behalf of White House as a press secretary.

As per the altercation reports, Mr. Higbie is closely associated with the Trump’s family. It is also reported that he worked as Navy SEAL previously. Mr. Higbie was interviewed on Thursday for the assignments.

On the social media site he posted a report regarding the offer. He tweeted that for some weeks he talked some people who were from admin section. He wrote that they have talked about spox positions, as well as communications. Mr. Higbie also noted that the talk was absolutely informal.

Moreover, Mr. Higbie said that he proposed his services but yet, no information was provided to him by the administration.

The spokesperson from White House has completely denied the report although. The spokesperson informed to the media that it was a false speculation and had no truth behind the news. The report was given by the White House spokesperson recently.

The present-day press secretary of White house, Sean Spicer has been determined by various controversies since he got the position and started the role.

Due to his controversial statements, as well as antagonistic style, he was held in disrespect by many journalists of the country.

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