Fiancé Broadcasts About Her Pregnancy While The Man Is Disabled

fiance-broadcasts-about-her-pregnancy-while-the-man-is-disabledA paralyzed man named Todd Krieg, who becomes disabled while riding a dirt bike which meets with an accident in 2015. Krieg and his fiancé named Amanda Diesen thinks all the time that someday they will eventually need some help to conceive a baby.

There was fake news announced by the couple on social media this week, as Diesen holding an ultrasonic photo while Krieg makes a conquering face, and on the wall, the background was written: “it still works.” This news spread like viral on various social medias where the couple posts the pics, and they got so many speculations and questions about how did they conceive the baby. As per Diesen, who is a 25 years old, found the idea as an “inappropriate” at first, but she later goes with the flow of her fiancé, and share the picture as a mere joke.

But, eventually, this idea came from the mind of Diesen, who was searching for several pregnancy announcements pictures that feature dads in wheelchairs with a tagline “I did it,” and they does that act in real but as a joke, which went viral.

According to Krieg, Diesen was working as a recovery specialist at a Californian paralysis center, where Krieg met her, who went there for regular therapies in September 2015. Their love become strong, and they ended up becoming engaged, and Diesen moved with Krieg in his hometown in Ohio along with Krieg’s parents. The couple still didn’t have any plans to conceive soon, but they will wait until they marry.

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