US Decision To Block Libya Envoys Was A Serious Mistake Made Says The UN Chief

us-decision-to-block-libya-envoys-was-a-serious-mistake-made-says-the-un-chiefAt the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres says that the decision taken by the US government during the UN political mission in Libya for blocking a former Palestinian Prime Minister from leading the pact was a big mistake.

As per reports of the incident, it was known that the US government choked the proposal before just a week ago for appointing the then Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and many believe America has done that because of in support of Israel, who is a prime ally.

UN Secretary General Guterres during the press conference has stated about many situations, but the statement about the mistakes done by the United States was highlighted because of its importance to the Middle-East and the Americas. Guterres cleared one point which according to him while serving with the UN one should remember that, they are not representing their country instead, they are representing to the United Nations, and it should be cleared among the members of this global institute.

Guterres mentioned about the former Palestinian Prime Minister, and said, Fayyad was the right person for the right job and also at the right time, but due to the United States intervention, the situation gets worse, and now it becomes worse day by day than what it was before. As the Libyan unrest rises after their revolution in 2011, which sparked after killing of their longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi and results in the superpower getting its hands tight due to many adjacent reasons.

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