A Petition For Obama Can Run For The President Of France

One can believe it or not, but there is a proper petition which includes that Obama can run for the president seat of France, and this makes a lot of people unhappy in both France and the United States.

According to the particular movement’s website, there is a petition named Obama17 which have an aim to gather at least one million signatures from people which will later convince Obama to run for the projected presidential election in France in this spring. The website has another goal, which is to persuade France for its fatigues over the terrorism issues. The website states that they wish to elect a foreign president for their country, and it also includes the former US president, who will not face any problem while France “hire him as the president of this beautiful country.”

There have been many speculations about the website which praises the former president of the United States with more than one single amenity, such as the website confirmed about Obama, who has the best, resume in the world to continue as the president of the culturally rich country of France. This also includes the major issues raised by the group on their website to the people of France.

The group also posted at most 500 posters o Obama in the street of Paris, which shows him as a candidate for the country’s presidential campaign.

But, according to many intellectual people, Obama will get on the first note as he is not a citizen of France.

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