Public Intoxication Got Oklahoma Quarterback Arrested

public-intoxication-got-oklahoma-quarterback-arrestedAn Oklahoma quarterback named Baker Mayfield got arrested with three charges that include firstly public intoxication, secondly conducting chaotic way with others, and finally, he was resisting the arrest, according to the police officials.

Baker Mayfield is a Heisman Trophy finalist last year and got booked into the Washington County Jail after his drunken actions in the public area near Fayetteville’s Dickson Street on Saturday, as per the police.

The police also said in a preliminary police report that Mayfield told an officer that he was trying to break up and argument, but it was later found that his action was itself causing the argument and creating a scene. After the officers confirmed that Mayfield was lying about his behavior and when they try to arrest him, again he refused to surrender which leave the officers without any choice to forcefully arrest him.

On the other hand, when the media has approached the school if they know about the incident, then their spokesperson Michael Houck has replied with “the incident is known to the school and searching for more information on the matter.”

According to many sources, it has been said that Mayfield has always been outraged and have an attitude problem, and he also had done many deeds in the past which surrounded him in problems. But this time, he got into a quite big trouble but will be charged according to his deeds.

His wish is to play in the big leagues some days and staying in the playing position as he is now, but the court will decide his future.

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