A Syrian Whose Film Is Nominated In Oscars, Will Miss It Due To Travel Ban

a-syrian-whose-film-is-nominated-in-oscars-will-miss-it-due-to-travel-banA Syrian cinematographer, who worked in a film which up for the Academy Awards on Sunday, will have to miss it due to the United States government’s travel ban policy against Syria.

Khaled Khateeb, a 21 year old, who worked with direction Orlando von Einsiedel and producer Joanna Natasegara in their short film named “White Helmets” as a cinematographer. The film is a part of Netflix documentary and was nominated for the Oscars, so Khateeb was on a schedule to attain the event in the famous Dolby theaters in California.

According to a report from the Associated Press’ internal US government correspondence, Khateeb had issued a visa to attend the event, but unfortunately, it went cancel by the Turkish authorities. It was the Turkish authorities who detained him, but still, it is not sure for the actual reason for his detention to board a flight to California.

The media speculated the whole incident is about the travel ban policy issued by the Trump government which barred nine Islamic countries in the world, and Syria is one of them. And, so Turkey being an ally and also being a NATO member, the United States have pressurized the country not to allow any of the nine banned countries’ people to board a flight to the United States.

Due to this NATO affiliated country is a prominent gateway that connects the middle-eastern countries to the rest of the world, and thus got pressurized by the US government to follow the US travel ban policy.

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