Colorectal Cancer Rates Are escalating Among Young Americans

colorectal-cancer-rates-are-escalating-among-young-americansThe risk of colon cancer has doubled and quadruples the rectal cancer risk. Now the questions are whether it is due to lifestyle differences or some unidentified factor increasing this disease.

Actually, colon cancer since 1974 showed a sharp decline and is still among people over 50. However, adults in 20s and 30s also rate to 1 to 2 percent every year from 90s to 2013, as per the American cancer society researchers.

Rectal cancer rates have shown a faster increase, rising nearly 3 percent a year from 1974 to 2013 in adults in their 20s. From 1980s to 2013, the rates of rectal cancer rates in their 30s have increased every year to 3 percent.

Meanwhile, colorectal cancer rates in the older adults are found to be decreasing, thanks to the widespread screening. In the adults 55 and more, the rates of colon cancer have been falling since mid-1980s, while the rectal cancer, rates are falling since 1974.

As per the finding it is observed that colorectal cancer risk has increased to the level of the late 1800s and this is worrying. Though colorectal cancer screening until 50 years old is not recommended, now some experts are considering more research so that they develop awareness among public and medical professionals regarding this risk.

Colorectal cancer in the U.S is the second-most deadly cancer and the third-most common cancer in women and men. Every year, an approximate of 95,520 people are detected with colon cancer and nearly 39,910 with rectal cancer, according to ACS, and it is assessed that nearly 50,260 people will die in 2017 of the cancers.

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