Kevin Durant Re-evaluated to Recover from Grade 2 MCL Sprain in four weeks

kevin-durant-re-evaluated-to-recover-from-grade-2-mcl-sprain-in-four-weeksKevian Durant, small forward suffered a Grade 2 medial collateral ligament sprain and a tibial bone bruise. It is not ascertained that he could return before the regular season ends. In the first quarter, this injury took place as Wizards center Marcin Gortat threw into Durant Warriors big man Zaza Pachulia while pushing around for a rebound.

Last April, soon after they were the first team to win 73 regular season games in league history, Steph Curry went down with knee and ankle injuries in the first round against the Houston Rockets that proved ultimately too much to overcome. Fortunately, he came back and even put up a few performances along the way prior to Cleveland Cavaliers won those seven-game Finals.

Bob Myers, Warriors general manager said, ‘Every team has adversity and this is where the players and the coaches character comes into play. Nobody will have much sympathy for us and this can be understood in professional sports that things keep happening. However, the team is not happy now as everyone cares for Kevin and wishes to see him on the court.

Myers said the Warriors feared the injury to be worse, but a CT scan eased their concerns. Here the MCL sprain showed up and more specificity is anticipated. However, the CT scan cleared the vagueness.

Ligament sprains are graded as 1-3 and the No. 3 is considered to be the most severe, where it means the ligament is torn completely. Last April, Curry suffered a Grade 1 sprain and missed four playoff games. Now that Durant is with Grade 2 MCL sprains, it is expected that he should recover in two to six weeks and the Warriors consider four weeks makes sense.

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