‘Day without a Woman’ on Women’s Day brings Women to get into a strike

day-without-a-woman-on-womens-day-brings-women-to-get-into-a-strikeWednesday, the International Women’s Day is well known and this year will it become a ‘day without a woman’ or is it some ‘International Women’s Strike’. This is the largest actions of anti-Trump since the women’s march that took place in January demonstrating the solidarity of resistance movement.

In fact, even the organizers are requesting women to withdraw from unpaid and paid work and to avoid spending money, besides they must wear red matching the labor movements. The North Carolina and Virginia school districts have called off the Wednesday classes, citing low staff as the reason. Adding to this the Democratic Socialists of America, NARAL Pro-Choice, the America National Organization of Women and the National Women’s Law Center will remain closed. UTA, the Hollywood talent agency is giving a day off to all its staff female members promoting them to attend women –only off sites to discuss gender equality.

But the major non-profits and labor organizations fuel the energy behind the Women’s March, boosting a strike to make it problematic. A day without woman means the Natural Resources Defense Council and Parenthood the women’s March premiere partners will be open on Wednesday, while the labor organizations have supported this day of going without a woman, while few stay to work from home.

Deputy national organizer for Planned Parenthood Federation informs the doors are open to women to be a part of the Women’s strike. The Natural Resource Defense Council also plans to support their staff to honor the day, including the strike, said senior director of media relations and marketing, Jenny Powers. Teachers and Nurses unions joined the March and thus the count of people roughly tripled the Trumps inauguration size.

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