CIA Accuses WIKILEAKS For Leaking Secret Information To Public

cia-accuses-wikileaks-for-leaking-secret-information-to-publicThis is probably the first time that the WIKILEAKS has been publicly blamed of leaking the personal information of many multinational and super brand companies present in the country. This came as a shock when the CIA officials spoke about this issue publicly in a press conference showing their anger and disregard towards this issue of important information being leaked.

The information that has been leaked is from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Google which are now giant industries employing more than a million people all together. Leakage of such information endangers the company’s progress in a very harmful way. There are a lot of things that happen in a company that should not be leaked out especially when it comes to finances and their customers and the WIKILEAKS has actually leaked some of the over sensitive information.

This is not just harmful for the company but harmful for the citizens of the country as well because these companies contribute a lot to the country’s GDP and breach of such information is potentially fatal for these industries. The counterparts can easily use these information’s to bring in more better products or even in that way where things can go out of control.

Finances of a company are very important and should be kept in control of the designated people. The people behind this leakage of information are being searched for and strict action will be taken on them once they are found. The CIA has made it sure that it will not tolerate such breeches in the security system of any company anymore.

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