Life Comes Back To Track In Northern California

After storms drenched the whole of Northern California for the whole month of February life is coming back on track for the people now in March. People had face a few days of rainstorm in this area which led to huge losses by rain storms and flooding. There were many places in the state which were evacuated on emergency basis during the storms.

life-comes-back-to-track-in-northern-californiaEvery day was a new challenge for the locals here as they had to try out ways of stopping the flooding water come into their homes and lands. A lot of crops have been damaged said one of the government officials which needs to be replenished as soon as possible. Storms do hit Northern California during the month of February but experts say that this was one of the worst storms that hit the state after 10 years where things went beyond what was expected to happen.

The organizations taking care of the climate reports have been commended by the government for their responsive behavior during the disaster. They had issued necessary warnings well in advance before the storms hit and also had necessary precautions before the storm hit Northern California.

Nevertheless even the army and the locals also worked hand in hand in helping those people who were affected by the floods. Even other states in the US also came together in helping the people who were in need and had suffered losses during the natural calamity. Things are now slowly coming back to normal in the state as the residents have started coming back to the homes that they had abandoned due to the warnings by the government pertaining to rough weather conditions.

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