A Field Trip To Washington Gone Rogue And Students Trapped In An Avalanche

a-field-trip-to-washington-gone-rogue-and-students-trapped-in-an-avalancheThe present situation of flux between winter and spring causing many problems in several northern regions of the country and one of them is the trapping of several students by an avalanche, who were traveling from Mill Creek for a field trip to Washington.

On Friday, afternoon, a huge snow slip sparked a snow slide on Highway 20 and blocked the passage between Diablo and Newhalem, and till now the road is closed due to the avalanche, according to the Transportation of Washington State Department.

The area is supposed to clean by now, but it was recalled, due to its vulnerability and the place is not at all safe for the crew members to work in the present condition. They have a target to start the road clearing tasks from Monday, but it can also be halted if the weather went rogue again.

According to the news report, the group of five chaperones and 42 students from Henry M. Jackson high School are supposed to be back to the Mill Creek by Friday. Due to the present condition, they are staying at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center near Diablo Lake, and they will remain there until the road gets clear by the state department.

As per a report from one of the students, who got stuck into the avalanche, they want to go home as early as possible, and it’s not because they didn’t like the place or don’t want to be there. But, they are not mentally prepared for that, and it is a real surprise for them.

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