New York, Boston &Other Northeastern Cities Are Under Watch As Fear Of Hitting By A Massive Storm

new-york-boston-other-northeastern-cities-are-under-watch-as-fear-of-hitting-by-a-massive-stormNew York and Boston along with other northeastern regions are under watch as the forecasters’ fears of a massive winter storm to hit these places on Monday night to Tuesday morning.

According to National Weather Service officials, there is a massive snowstorm is going to hit the northeastern coastal regions at the door of this week, which is capable of bringing back the winter again in this flux season between winter and spring. The areas that will be much likely to hit by the snowstorms are New York (mostly Upstate), Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New England, and it also hit the neighboring country of Canada’s eastern regions.

The people of these above mention regions from the east coast saw the temperature rise as high as 65 degrees and more just last week, and within 2-to-3 days to come the temperature will take a sudden dip below 40 degrees. But, in previous days, there was news of many flurries of snow covering areas, which is according to the states’ weather service “is just a teaser,” there is more to come now.

A senior meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center in Maryland, Brian Hurley said, this week will see a perceptible difference, and that will be cooler than the temperature drop in February.

The New York Metro area will be comprised of several blizzard watch centers, which includes the New York City, Long Islands, coastal Connecticut and other southern Westchester County.

It is also predicted that the Long Island will receive snowfall of 12 to 18 inches.

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