Myth Proven: If You Got Hit By A Penny Falling From A Skyscraper, What Will Be The Result?

myth-proven-if-you-got-hit-by-a-penny-falling-from-a-skyscraper-what-will-be-the-resultA story has been situated with the Empire States Building which circulated for many years since the building’s inauguration, and the tale was, “if a penny fell from Empire States Building and hit a person, it will pierce and kill the individual.”

The myth has been traveling through time, and stays in people’s mind for generations, as younger people fears to stay more time under any skyscrapers and the older and adult ones wondered sometime about the matter, but no one knows the actual thing.

But, there was a person named Louis Bloomfield, a professor of physics at the University of Virginia, who answer the question by getting bombarded with currencies from high above, and still alive. Bloomfield just busted the myth, with experimenting on himself about a decade ago, he was working in Virginia, and done the experiment in Charlottesville.

Bloomfield thrown a helium balloon up hundreds feet in the sky carrying pennies, he dropped the pennies to the crushed with the help of radio-controlled airplane parts, and on the ground, the Bloomfield was trying his luck.

The result was outstanding and a complete myth busting, as the pennies falling from hundreds of feet from the air, and hitting the Bloomfield. According to him, the pennies felt like raindrops or slight hail pallets, which was hitting him without any injuries, and not even any bruises too, but “it does tickle me,” said by him laughingly.

Due to the pennies weight goes with the air while falling and becoming slower, which is harmless.

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