Garbage Truck Ran On The Wrong Way In The Kentucky Interstate Highway Made A Big Mess

garbage-truck-ran-on-the-wrong-way-in-the-kentucky-interstate-highway-made-a-big-messIn Paducah, Kentucky, local police officials have held the truck as well as arrested the truck driver, who ran his truck into the wrong side of the interstate highway and struck at least seven vehicles plus a tractor-trailer on the nation’s highway. This series of vehicle wreckages leads towards several people injured, in an exact number of seven peoples, as per the police says.

According to the police officials, who was chasing the truck to pin it down before the truck hurt more people and damaged more cars? The police say, the truck was traveling in the eastern direction on a westbound highway lane of the Interstate 24, which causes the mess, and the incident happened just before crossing the median into the eastbound lane.

As per as the officials, the truck is planning to move to the wrong side to avoid the huge traffic on the right side, but it didn’t manage to take precautions with the another set of traffic which comes from the wrong way.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Jody Cash said in a news release that most of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening, and thus they were taken into special care, in the hospitals.

The truck driver, Dalton M. Lampley, who is a 23 year old man from Calvert City, in the Marshall County was arrested with much difficulty by the police, and charged with multiple counts, which includes driving on the wrong side, possession of a controlled substance, evading police, and few others.

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