How To Get Rid Of Spam Text Messages

how-to-get-rid-of-spam-text-messagesNowadays, smartphones have become a major attraction for spreading indiscriminate marketing operations, which are most of the times considered as spams.

On an average, there are more than five to seven spam texts messages are received by an American. But, there are also many legitimate senders who send messages which are promotional, and yet you might be “okay” with it, because sometimes in the past you have already been associated with the company.

According to Federal Trade Commission, it is illegal to send unsought messages to a wireless device like a cellphone, which includes the text messages, and due to this one can take action against the company. But, most of the time people don’t think of that and feel “why to bother about the spams, we can just delete it,” which is true, to some extent, and at the same time, this is very dangerous to keep receiving them.

Many send bugs in the appearance of just a text message, which will eventually collect and send all the information present on your cell phone to the sender, and that is very dangerous.

On the other hand, there are options like blocking the sender’s number, and this is an even better option, as the sender will never come to know that you as a receiver have already blocked the number. But, still, the best option is to place a report to your network operator, and never try to confront the spammer’s message directly, which is far more dangerous than ignoring it.

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