Skeletal Remains Found Near A Utah Hiking Trail

skeletal-remains-found-near-a-utah-hiking-trailA hiking trail situated in the states of Utah has some skeletal remains discovered by some hikers on Sunday, as per some police officials.

In the area of Deaf Smith Canyon, Cottonwood Heights, a group of homeowners were hiking within their property area, and it was then, when they suddenly discovered a camouflaged cloth wrapped sparsely around a human skull and with some bones, a report by the police officials.

According to the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, who made a statement on the accidental discovery of human remains in the canyon, says the bones were found on the border between of Cottonwood Heights of the Salt Lake County and the Surrounding Forest Service Land. But, the police officials are not quite sure about the skeletal remains’ date, and “it does need to be identified in a lab.”

The skull and bones are in such a condition that it was difficult to say how old the remains are, as per the Unified Police Lt. Brian Lohrke, and also mention that the remains were under extreme conditions which might delay or faster decomposition.

The region of Deaf Smith Canyon is a high ground to the Salt Lake Valley, and a much older place, which has seen human settlement much before. The area also has seen changes over the years with much snow, and other climatic conditions, which might reveal the human remains out of cover.

The remains are taken under observation, which will reveal the carbon-dating on the skeleton, and eventually will reveal the identity of the bones.

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