Mike Pence with Only Male-Team of Republican Discuss Plans to Interrupt Maternity Care: Express Outrages

mike-pence-with-only-male-team-of-republican-discuss-plans-to-interrupt-maternity-care-express-outragesMany onlookers got enraged after watching a picture where Mike Penance along with other Republican authorities considering all are male, reportedly taking the decision on maternity care. Through the consultation, the entire male team wanted to come up with a decision whether, in latest health insurance plan of Donald Trump, the maternity care should be attached of or not.

The group named Planned Parenthood already showed their outrage over the picture. The group works on women’s health and also set fertility rights campaign.

The group wrote a statement with outraged and said the picture showed the leaders of Republican Party are mediating away birth control, abortion and maternity care. They also asked a question saying ‘Notice anything?’ and hashtagged it to ProtectOurCare.

According to Jim McGovern, the member of Democrat House of Representatives, the picture is absolutely oppressive. In his statement, Mr. McGovern wrote that it is frightening that while the team of Republicans along with Mike Pence is about to take the decision on removing the maternity care from Trump’s latest health care, no woman is presented at the entire room. It is outrageous.

The report of Politico thinks that Mike Pence and the entire team wanted to make the health insurance plan of Donald Trump more engaging, especially for the people who are far away from the right and they all together are trying to do so.

According to the report of Politico, in the latest health insurance plan, different advantages would be given according to the different condition. Healthy people could be able to purchase skimpier coverage where maternity care would not be included.

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