Keira Knightley and ‘Love Actually’ Cast Reunite with the Latest Trailer for the Sequel to Make Everyone Cry

keira-knightley-and-love-actually-cast-reunite-with-the-latest-trailer-for-the-sequel-to-make-everyone-cryNow get ready to feel the things as the cast of ‘Love Actually’ got reunited to make audience emotional once again. The trailer of the sequel to ‘Love Actually’ is about to come where the cast members Andrew Lincoln, Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson, and many others got reunited. The sequel is named the ‘Red Nose Day Actually’ which is pretty nostalgic, as well as exciting. So hold your tissue and watch the sequel.  

Did you ever watch something absolutely perfect that gives you heart-touching feelings extremely? Without a doubt, the sequel would be the best film you are going to watch in the entire life.

In the trailer Andrew Lincoln, Liam Neeson, 64, Keira Knightley, 31, Hugh Grant, 56, Martine McCutcheon, 40, Chiwetel Ejiofor, 39, Lucia Moniz, 40, Marcus Brigstocke, 43, and many other stars are featured. The entire cast together carries out those prompting cards that the audiences love extremely to get excited about the latest sequel the Red Nose Day.

The signaling cards tell that they will learn the actual thing had happened to everyone in the film ‘Love Actually’. The cue cards also want to know who has the best aged person in the film. It is great to see as all are looking great now. The cue cards cracked a joke saying that they are sure for one thing that in the trailer cast, Colin Firth is not a part. The 56-year-old Colin Firth is not featured in the trailer but of course, he is included in the reunion. Emma Thompson is out of the trailer also.

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