Amazon brings bookstore to Chicago

amazon-brings-bookstore-to-chicagoOne of the five brick-and-mortar stores are run by Amazon, the Internet giant that was opened on Southport Ave. in Lincoln Park a week ago.


It is the first Amazon Books in the Midwest and Chicago, and one of the first things here is the way the books are displayed. Every book is facing forward, and below each book, there is a description and customer rating.


Amazon spokesperson Deborah Bass said “We’ve brought such that we sell books online to a physical store”.


No prices are listed as Prime members get discounts. A book listed as $16 only cost less for the Prime members as $9.69. There is self-checkout also available at the register through the Amazon App.


In addition to books, Amazon electronics such as the Kindle is also for sale, and there is an inbuilt face into the store. People are torn about wanting to love new Amazon books store while it is still supporting brick-and-mortar independent sellers, Amazon says they believe they have enough space for both.


“We agree that local book sellers saying about they being special, and we agree that we exist in this space,” Bass said.


The first bookstore of Amazon was opened in Seattle in 2015 November and the second followed in San Diego in September 2016. The recent addition was in Portland, Oregon in October and now in Chicago. There will be more new opening in New York City, Lynnfield, Dedham, Microsoft and Tesla stores. Amazon is considering opening over 2000 bookstores all over the country.

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