Baby boxes to thwart SIDS: Does it work?

baby-boxes-to-thwart-sids-does-it-workNewborn mothers have many things to worry including the baby’s schedules and nutrition. At the priority list, you should learn and practice safe sleep habits for the baby. In many cases, sleeping position of the baby and location can save the baby from tragic Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 3,700 US infants died in 2015 from SIDS. Among these, 24 percent died due to accidental suffocation in bed. The number since 1990 has dramatically decreased and many of these infant deaths could be prevented.


One company in California reduces SIDS through baby boxes. The company, Baby Box Co., is working to distribute boxes mothers. So far, New Jersey, Ohio, and Alabama have agreed to distribute them.


Inside these baby boxes, parents find a firm foam mattress, a bed sheet, breastfeeding supplies, diapers, wipes, and an onesie. Parents must watch videos and get educated about safe sleep. The idea is that these baby boxes will support mothers to put their babies inside to sleep. Since the sturdy cardboard offers a sleeping location that is free from potential hazards such as bumpers and toys, Baby Box Co. hopes to reduce the SIDS cases.


Health professionals are questioning the safety of the boxes. They do not want people to use the video education alone. Currently, some researchers are testing the handing out baby boxes effects in Philadelphia and will document in May the results.

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