Google Is Undergoing A Big Change, As Its Home &Wi-Fi Is Going To Merge Into A Single Product

google-is-undergoing-a-big-change-as-its-home-wi-fi-is-going-to-merge-into-a-single-productThe tech giant Google is undergoing to launched its new plan to combine its Google Home and its Google Wi-Fi router into a single hub, which according to the Google authorities; it will be a smart move and will mark a smarter future.

According to various reports on the current news from Google, this combination of combining two of its separate products into a single smart hub will able to connect speaker that understands vocal commands of anyone. Google officials think the merger will make them easier to offer their customer a good deal by not only providing a single product but also a smart hub for multiple ones.

Google still have not disclosed its true motives to combine the two product schemes together, but according to various analysts, this step from the tech giant is to counter its competition with Amazon’s Alexa Home that includes its hardware like the Echo and Echo Dot. Though, the emergence of big manufacturers competing against Google, but still its products has been proven as one of the most popular products among its users.

On the other hand, currently the both the devices from Google costs around $130 each, which are slightly ups and downs when compare with each other’s prices, but when they combine these two products, the price will get much cheaper than its current price of both buying together.

Some experts believe Google needs to monetize its voice assistant program as soon as possible, because of its growing popularity; people are drawn towards this platform, then its search engine.

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