2 Tornadoes At The Same Time And At Different Place In Virginia, Says The National Weather Service

2-tornadoes-at-the-same-time-and-at-different-place-in-virginia-says-the-national-weather-serviceIn Charlotte, North Carolina, the National Weather Service has confirmed of severe weather in the region of southeastern Virginia, which faces not just one but two tornadoes at the same time.

There is huge disturbance is coming from the southeastern Virginia which will see two tornadoes touched down, as the news spread at around the local time 9 a.m. on Thursday morning.

The first tornado strikes in the Irvington area and meanwhile, the second one strikes in the Chesapeake area at the same time, just an hour late from the first one. The National Weather Service has named these tornadoes as EF1 and EF0 that strikes in Irvington and Chesapeake area.

The EF1 had with a maximum speed of 90 mph, which strikes in the afternoon in Irvington area, and creates three-mile long damage by uprooting trees and other messes. While just an hour later, the second tornado code named EF0 strikes in the hickory region of Chesapeake, with a maximum speed of 80 mph, which damages many vehicles, snapped trees, and even knocked a tree on a house, with a total destruction on its 5 miles path.

According to the local authorities in the respective areas, there was no injuries as well there was no fatalities were reported still, “and hope to be in that way.” No casualties were reported in the region states of Virginia till now, but there were three people died so far in the North and South Carolinas by the storm, including woman and kids.

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