Just After The Missile Strikes On Syria, The US Threatens To Push More Onto The War-Torn Country

In Palm Beach, Florida, the United States keep threatening the war-torn nation of Syria, just after the intensive missile strikes from US naval ships during nighttime.

The US is still pressurizing the situation, as they know about the Russian motives in the scenario, which could lead to massive stand-offs between the two fronts in the most irritating conflicts happening in the world.

According to the Trump administration’s behavior on the situation that has made a statement to stand still while conducting the attack and more to come. There were new plans to strike the country with more missiles on the following day, by the Pentagon. The first task in the previous strike was to make an assault on a prominent Syrian air base, which was done and made a strike against the Assad Government.

There are many analysts around the world, who are trailing the motives of the United States, which could lead to a more bitter situation between the US and Russia.

On one hand, this strike on Syria, have put the deputy ambassador from Russia to United Nations, Vladimir Safronkov by condemning this attack, and comparing it as “an act of total aggression.” And, however, the US Ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley says the Russian government should act like a responsible country towards the situation in Syria and should reconsider the side it is supporting now.

As the US stated it will strike more in the country, but no one knows what Russia will do now in the situation, other than the Russian government of Putin.

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