12-Year-Old Girl Missing From Missouri, An Amber Alert Issued By The Authorities On Sunday

12-year-old-girl-missing-from-missouri-an-amber-alert-issued-by-the-authorities-on-sundayIn Blue Springs, Missouri, a local 12-year-old girl gone missing, which triggered an Amber Alert by the police authorities, as they believe that the girl was abducted by a man from Maryland, whom she met online through a social media.

According to a report placed by the Blue Spring Deputy Police Chief Bob Munez, the missing girl named, Apple Briscoe was last seen on Saturday night, as she was seen getting into a vehicle. The vehicle was alleged of a 22-year-old young man named William Dela Cruz, who was also with his elder brother, who is a 24-year-old man, named Jason.

Munez also said that the little girl was alleged with these two brothers, whom she didn’t know properly, and he also asked the local community to help the police, as they were a little bit unaware of the missing’s whereabouts if no locals helped the police. The family of the missing girl is praying for their little girl to get back home safely as soon as possible, it will be good if the police get help from the community to find the girl’s whereabouts.

The police also found a little bit trace of the car in which Apple was last seen, and the car was a 2015 Nissan Versa (a silver-colored), which have a Maryland-based license plate, with the number of 6CK5071. And, the description of the missing 12-year-old is a white girl, with green eyes and brown hair, and she stands five feet three inches, if anyone found any information then contact at 816-228-0100.

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