US Navy Aircraft Carrier Heads Back To Korean Peninsula After Receiving Provocation From North Korea

us-navy-aircraft-carrier-heads-back-to-korean-peninsula-after-receiving-provocation-from-north-koreaThe USS Carl Vinson, one of the super carriers from US Navy’s aircraft’ fleet along with other support warships under its carrier group, was on for a port call in Australia, but eventually was called back to the Korean peninsula as the North Koreans send provoking threats to the US.

The warship of the Nimitz Class super carrier was heading towards Australia after they participated in the last month’s annual military exercise with the South Korean Military. But, as the North Koreans fired four of their ballistic into the ocean near to Japan, on separate occasions, which leads towards this decision from the Pentagon.

As per as many reports from the North Korean sides, which they claim the US and the South Korean military is preparing for an invasion on the North Korean side, and for that, they are gathering all their military forces in the peninsula.

The situation of the Korean peninsula is very much tense after the missile tests from the North, which is said was in retaliation of the plan for a long time deployment plans from the US side in the South Korean region. These missile tests were also thought to be an answer for the newly deployed the THAAD missile defense system on the South Korean soil.

The Carrier Strike Group 1, which is the navy’s leading strike group is heading towards the Korean peninsula, and the leading warship is the USS Carl Vinson, and along with a composition of few destroyers and the cruisers.

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