Navy Destroyers’ Commanders Get Personal Calls From The President, To Greet Them

navy-destroyers-commanders-get-personal-calls-from-the-president-to-greet-themPresident Trump, after all, he is the head of the government of world’s’ only superpower, he is also known for his skills to be present in the news headlines, for both good and bad reasons. And, this time the president of the United States gave personal calls to both the naval warship’s commanders to thanks them for doing their jobs so fine in the fields, by launching almost 60 subsonic cruise missiles into the western Syria from the Mediterranean Sea.

The US Navy announce on Monday that its two commanders who were the commanding officers (CO) of the two Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers, named USS Ross and USS Porter.

According to the navy, the US president thanked Cmdr. Andria Slough, and Cmdr. Russell Caldwell, using two separate phone calls directly. It was revealed that the calls were made from the Air Force One while the president was aboard and returning from Mar-a-Lago presidential resort in Florida to the White House. And, it was also come to know that the National Security Advisor of the country, H. R. McMaster was also present in the presidential aircraft when the calls were made, in fact, he was beside the president at that time.

As per the military reports, both the guided missile destroyers are based in Rota, Spain, at the NAVSTA Rota, which is the largest military base of the United States in the entire Iberian Peninsula. Both the ships are still going to stay in the Mediterranean Sea for quite a sometimes more before they moved back to Rota.

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