Every Passenger Would Get Refund of the Tickets from the United Airlines Company for Flight Nightmare

every-passenger-would-get-refund-of-the-tickets-from-the-united-airlines-company-for-flight-nightmareUnited Airlines has declared and promised to give the compensation to the passengers who were the witnesses of an unbelievable incident. In front of the passengers, a man was dragged off from the flight.

The airline company wants to turn out the fuss which was the reason behind the awful incident. Moreover, the airline company insisting passengers saying that there would not be situation again come like that when police need to be called to evacuate passengers from the plane.

The CEO of the United parent company, Mr. Oscar Munoz gave an interview to the ABC in its show Good Morning America and said that he literally felt guilty for the entire incident happened inside the plane. Mr. Munoz said that he watched the video where a man was forced to get off from the jet. The CEO has told that the policy of passenger-removal of the airline would be reviewed.

Munoz apologized to every passenger who was the witness of the disturbing incident. David Dao, the physician from Kentucky was being harassed and dragged off from the flight. Munoz said sorry to the family of David Dao and apologized to him also.

The CEO promised that such pathetic incident would never happen to the flights of United parent company for which he has extremely ashamed.

Munoz continued that there would be no police to remove the passengers from the flight who would be reserved or seated on the seats. He said the company would not do that anymore.

The airline company has announced that every witness of this incident would get refund the equal amount of money they paid for the tickets.

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