Whatsapp Is Getting Lesser Private, Due To Facebook’s Operations On It

whatsapp-is-getting-lesser-private-due-to-facebooks-operations-on-itThe summer of 2017, will see a bigger difference on WhatsApp as it is going to be less private than it is now. It is more than three years since the social media giant, the Facebook have bought the mobile social media of WhatsApp, which is in Feb 2014, and now in the year 2017, it will see a bit of difference in privacy section.

Since now, the news goes like this way, as the European Union had previously told the WhatsApp to stop sharing its user’s information with its parent company, but they didn’t listen, and now it will all going to be changed by this season.

According to the statements made by the Ireland’s Helen Dixon who is the Data Protection Commissioner, seeing this situation as a more transparency effort from the social media giant to express its pure motives of globalism on the social media. Helen Dixon is also known as the lead EU controller on secrecy issues for the Facebook, and also known as a person with reputed knowledge on social media.

But, on the other hand, she is still concerned about the fields of WhatsApp will be opened by the company for the other users, such as the sharing options of the phone numbers or any other personal information which could lead towards harm to the certain users.

In an addition, the commissioner said that more the information about a person is on the social media, the more chances of money make by the company through various advertisement activities for some specific types of people’s accounts.

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