Teen Landed In Jail After Posting Fake Shooting Threats To School On Social Media

In Longview, Washington, police arrested a local high school student, for posting fake school shooting news on a social media and allegedly spreading terror, say the police.

According to the Longview Police Department, who made a statement on the incident, the police got the news, when they got several calls from alarmed citizens, who got the news after it was spread on the social media widely through various mediums. As some were directly related to the Mark Morris High School, as someone from their family goes to the school.

The police officials also verified the report on social media, and they saw a teenager was in the picture with a sub-compact gun, with a caption “do not go to school tomorrow,” even he mention his school which was targeted. Along, with the teenager, another person with a pistol is also can be seen in the picture, which is the person who spread the message.

After the police officials then went to find the boy, and he tells the photo was taken and sent to 30 people (which was later verified by the police), and the teenager was just playing a joke on his few friends, who later got panicked and spread the photo. But, due to the offensive photo published on social media, the 14-year-old boy was arrested and put charges like threatening to attack a school as well as injuring its people.

The parents of both the teens were cooperative with the authorities, and also the officials found those guns were realistic looking airsoft guns.

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