Catholic League Rebuked Kim Kardashian for Controversial Virgin Mary Dress

A catholic League of America rebuked Kim Kardashian for her unethical dressing sense. The reality TV star was criticized and rebuked for her see-through short dress that featuring a Virgin Mary’s image on the chest part.

According to a group, it has never been seen that Kim venerates the Honored Virgin Mary who was blessed with the Little Jesus Christ. Kim never even gives a hint of such affair as well. So, it is quite hard to digest that the Kardashian wore such cloth for her current stunt to grab the attention of media. The group moreover commented in a statement that the entire incident is watched as an exploitative.

Kim shared her picture on social media as the Honored Virgin Mary to depict her look such as. No doubt, a bucket full of criticism comes to her for such action.

The image she shared on the social media site is the part of Kim’s emoji brand which is named as ‘Kimoji’.  The brand features the app that is presenting access to numbers of emojis which all are linked with Kardashians.

In the image, it was depicted that Kim is the Virgin Mary. The image was portrayed on a candle and it costs $18.  This is available for the fans of Kim Kardashian with an offer.

This controversial image, the candle selling, of course, brings a lot of negative comments to her. Apart from her haters, even some of her fans could not accept the affair. Despite loving her, many of them says it is a disrespectful step that she took.

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