On The Issue Of Ann Coulter’s Visit To UC Berkeley, Students Threaten Its Authorities To File A Lawsuit

In Berkeley, California, the student’s association of the UC Berkeley has recently threatened over its university to sue it, because they are refusing to give a proper venue and time for invitee Ann Coulter, a conservative commentator. The students claim that this situation created by the university is a violation of a human right which includes the right of free speech which is a problem for the university as well as for the students.

According to the spokesperson who represents the Berkeley College Republicans, Harmeet Dhillon, has sent a letter to Stephen Sutton, the UC Berkeley’s Interim Vice Chancellor, and to Christopher Patti, the chief attorney of the University. The letter is all about the conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who if not allowed to give a speech on the campus or not provides proper timings as well as a venue, on April 27, Dhillon will sue the university for violating the freedom of speech.

Dhillon also wrote in her letter, as UC Berkeley is considered as the birthplace of Free Speech Movement, and the campus itself is now repelling its roots of free speech, she also concludes that this situation is morose, for the university.

On the other hand, the university officials said that due to severe security reasons the event had been called off, and the university does not claim any of the matter other than its security concerns. The officials’ statement was addressed to the members of the Berkeley College Republicans, as well as Bridge USA, which is coordinating the event.

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