In the Star-Studded Concert of Taylor’ Ex-BF, Selena and The Weeknd Gets Cozy

The relationship of John Mayer and Taylor Swift might get over a long back but, the Taylor’s best friend Selena is still a big fan of Mayer’s music and so, she went to a concert of John with her boyfriend The Weeknd on 21st of April. The pictures of the couple are absolutely amazing. The pictures are taken during the performance of John in the concert.

The 24-year-old Selena and her boyfriend 27-year-old The Weeknd love to see each other on stage show off. But, when it comes to the 21st of April, the couple decided to spend the time snuggling with each other during the concert night. They wanted to listen to someone else while they get cozy up with each other. The couple no doubt enjoyed the lovely songs during their special time. Listening John Mayer’s romantic songs are really worthwhile to the couple.

Since January The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have been dating each other publicly. The couple is going to celebrate their anniversary for having with each other from last six months. The duo has noticed for going in a dinner together following into the concert at the Los Angles Forum. They enjoyed the “Your Body Is A Wonderland” singer’s entire concert throughout. Selena always has a special attachment with John Mayer’s performance despite, his relation with Selena’s best friend Taylor has called off far ago. But, she did not get any backlash for the singer at all rather; Selena enjoyed his performance with her special guy.

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