If North Korea Tests Another Nuclear Missile, The US Strike Will Be Inevitable, Says Haley

In Washington, the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley is not isn’t in the mood to ruled out the full-fledged US strikes on North Korea, if it tests another nuclear missile, which will be the last time it will do any sorts of tests.

This proposition indeed was the direct threat to the North Korean government, especially the so-called “paranoid” dictator Kim Jong Un, who is so desperate to trying to provoke its neighboring countries into a war. The statements made by the US ambassador to United Nations, Nikki Haley described the situation, and praised the involvement of China in this situation, as it is still arguing with the paranoid North Korean government not to held any more nuclear tests.

According to all the previous reports, where the Kim Jong government has tested its nuclear missiles, and some of them have gone rogue, such as landing on the Japanese lands, creating an aftershock that stood its neighboring countries and much more. Many situations considered being a real threat to the world, especially the region that belongs to South Korea, Japan and even the North Korean allies China and Russia, and more over to the United States if their rockets were long enough.

Haley also comments on her statement, shows a direct threat to North Korea, which includes the US will not possess any threats to the nation until it gives a reason to react to the nation’s obstinate behavior. She also sad, the US president might intervene to take the matter into his hand.

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