Donald Trump has one success measure: Ratings

For the decade-plus Donald Trump was a reality TV star, right before he decided to run for office. And gaining that experience, Trump has drawn a clear conclusion: Ratings are the success measure and it means everything in this world.

That reveals on the watchability that has saturated his White House and this is the only ideal way to comprehend how Trump views his presidency, the world and the media.

Two recent examples on ratings make things crystal clear:

1. The Washington Post of Ashley Parker and Bob Costa reported that on a working lunch recently at the White House the topic came up of Press secretary Sean Spicer, whether Trump will fire the embattled mouthpiece sometimes and in reply Trump said, ‘I am not firing Sean Spicer’ and ‘That guy get real great ratings and Everyone tunes in’.
2. The Associated Press Interview, Trump was asked why he is not successful in changing the minds of people who disagree with him. Trump responded ‘I get very high ratings’ ‘You know Chris Wallace had the highest in the show history with 9.2 million people’. I have all the ratings for the morning shows. When I go, they go double, triple.” Trump noted his appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” got its highest ratings “.

Success for Trump is when people are talking about him, People are watching you. What they say is less important. They should say something. And if they do, you win.

Trump in many ways prizes fame, over all other things, as translated by his Twitter followers, Facebook friends and TV ratings. The fame is the thing. Everything else for Trump is secondary, rest everything is not even thought about.

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