Now People Will Remembered About Their Parking Location By Google Map

In Tech Reports, its latest from Google, it is applying its newest feature in the Google Map app which allows the user to locate their vehicle in the parking lot without any problems.

Suppose you parked your car in a densely parking lot and couldn’t find it out, but you are in a hurry which might take several minutes to find the vehicle and get to the place you need to go. To stop these kinds of situations faces by several people in the world, Google Maps have invented a new idea to assist you to locate your car where you have parked it.

As humans are mere animals and can able to forget about the location of their vehicles, so this new feature of the app will assist you to locate your car and guide you to your vehicle without any problem, whatever senses the place is, it will be accurate.

According to many reports, the new feature of the app is as simple as it is with its regular contents, first when you’ll park your vehicle you should open the Google Maps app, and fixed your location which will be temporary as it is of the vehicle.

After the location is fixed, it will make the place pointed until you return to the car and make it disable, it will be like forever. This feature is pretty much similar to the direct feature of the app where current location is will follow the mobile to the fixed remote destination, and here the destination is the location of the car or any other vehicle in the parking lot.

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