Triangle veterinarians take action to check canine flu

triangle-veterinarians-take-action-to-check-canine-fluVeterinarians across the Triangle are considering different approaches to addressing canine flu, as the numbers are increasing and the worried dog owners are trying to get their pets vaccinated.
Many animal clinics and hospitals have received numerous visitors and calls about canine flu in the past few days. The flu caused the dogs death in Raleigh and this is reported about a dozen times across the state.

Veterinarians are employing different tactics with vaccinating dogs. The main issue is that several vets said, protecting dogs involves a vaccine and a booster shot a process taking three to four weeks to be effective.

Some veterinarians, such as Dr. Joseph Gordon at Care First Animal Hospital, are requesting people to consider if their dogs are at risk truly before getting vaccinated. Gordon recommends the vaccine for dogs in dog shows as they come in regular contact with other dogs. The current outbreak of canine flu was reported first in Florida and Georgia at dog shows.

Gordon also said, we are requesting dog owners to assess the situation before coming for vaccine. Other vets are also encouraging people to stay proactive and to get the vaccine with the first canine flu reports.

“We could be overreacting and it may actually not be much, but the problem is you never know,” Danford said.

Danford also said there is no way of knowing whether canine flu will spread. The virus spreads with the contact between dogs and can travel on humans, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Dogs can spread canine flu without showing symptoms, and can transmit the flu after and before the symptoms are present, thus allowing it to spread quickly, said Danford .

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