See What Amazon Echo speakers light ring colors mean

see-what-amazon-echo-speakers-light-ring-colors-meanThe distinctive light ring is seen on the top of most Amazon Echo speakers and this is both a status indicator and a notification light and this is the way Alexa can relay information without speaking to you.

Typically, it lights up only a few different colors, such as white if you are changing the volume or two different shades of blue if it is listening to your command. At times, the ring lights up with different colors and it mean something important. With the recent updates, you may have noticed some new colors on the light ring of the speaker.

Mostly, the light ring stays off. If the device is plugged in and no lights show, it means the speaker is active and ready to speak the wake word. When you interact with Alexa, you will see white and various blue tones.
If you speak the wake word, the light ring will turn solid blue and a small section will point in the person speaking direction.

Solid blue with spinning cyan indicates you have spoken a command and Alexa is processing your request. This happens when the speaker is powering on.

The light ring will show the volume percentage in white as you manually turn the light ring on the Amazon Echo or the first-generation Echo Dot. Press the volume up or down on the second-generation Echo Dot or tell Alexa to adjust the volume.

When the red light is on, the Alexa microphone is turned off.
The light ring will tell you for problems with Alexa. Status indicators are red, purple or orange.
Spinning violet indicates a problem during Wi-Fi setup.
Spinning orange means the device is connecting to your network.
Solid red means the microphone is turned off and Alexa is not listening.
A spinning blue light ending with a purple flash indicates that Do Not Disturb is activated.
A flash of purple after interacting with Alexa means that Do Not Disturb is enabled.
When the green light is on, it is an incoming call.
A pulsing yellow light informs messages in your inbox.

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