California Judge Banning Owners From Having High-Capacity Magazines For Their Guns

california-judge-banning-owners-from-having-high-capacity-magazines-for-their-gunsIn Sacramento, California, on this Thursday, a federal judge gave a verdict on a very controversial Californian law of owning high-capacity magazines, and the judge has barred the owners from having this kind of equipment attached to their private firearms. The law will be effective from midnight of the upcoming Saturday, and since then the owners cannot own the high-capacity magazines which are not suited for personal use.

As per report placed by a San Diego-based US District Judge Roger Benitez, who said on Thursday by ruling the law of banning in possession of high-capacity magazines for their firearms. While failing to recall the law, then the person will be charged as if a firearm contains more than 10 bullets inside the magazine would be a criminal offense; thus it’s time to change, added by Benitez.

According to many gun owners, the Judge Benitez by saying that it will be a criminal offense if people carrying a firearm with having more than 10 bullets will be a criminal offense, and by this many of the Californian gun owners have criticized the judge’s decision. He issued a judgment that does back the legal challenge to the California Rifle & Pistol Association, which is affiliated with the National Rifle Association. The judge might have to lose the seat, as per many gun owners feels when the person said that.

On the other hand, people are saying according to the Californian law, the judge just took away owners’ Second Amendment Rights, which triggers public property to be capsized by the judge.

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