McEnroe comments upon Serena’s position in her arena, ranks her 700th on men’s Tour

mcenroe-comments-upon-serenas-position-in-her-arena-ranks-her-700th-on-mens-tourAccording to the reports, the legendary player McEnroe comments upon Serena William’s position on an international basis and comments her to be on the 700th position when it comes to men’s tour. Respecting her throughout he is known to make such comments. He also stated that she plays best of her gender as she is 23 times Grand slam winner.

Her position in the men’s arena of sports is being upheld and clearly stated by McEnroe. He is confident about Serena’s position in the arena where men would be involved in the same game. Here a sportsperson’s supposed position and ranking is being mirrored by an amazing talent, McEnroe.

When he was asked by the American Broadcaster National Public Radio, he showed immense respect for Serena’s skills and her performance but he was very clear about his words that he wants to place her on the rank 700 if it is about men’s circuit in the same sport. He being a 7 times Grand Slam winner stated that the best thing about Serena would be her mental toughness that would sometimes help her out to compete in the men’s arena.

McEnroe also stated that Serena can even beat many a male player as she is mentally very strong and her mental stability is the key to her success in her field. She can compete on an international level in fact with men as well. Her skills have been praised as well as criticised by McEnroe.

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