Early Saturday Morning Building Fire Left Over 200 People Homeless In Capital City

early-saturday-morning-building-fire-left-over-200-people-homeless-in-capital-cityIn Washington D.C., it was early Saturday morning in a positioned residential section in the capital, when the blaze razed and creates a three-alarm fire, which forced over 200 resident of the building to move out and now they are left nowhere to live.

It is said that the fire also makes several residents to jump from the windows to get relief from the blaze, though there are no people died in the building fire, all are now homeless, says a resident.

As per the reports, over 100 firefighters are reported to join forces to battle the flames, which are located in the 1300 Block of Peabody Street NW, and this is a heavily residential street. Till now it has been known that the fire broke out at 3 o’clock in the morning which left everybody stunned, as almost everyone was sleeping but they got out in time. The firefighters said, the fire started in the building’s attic, which later spread around to the top floor, where it is estimated all the 55 units have been destroyed in the fire.

The fire fighters had come in the time and rescued many people on board, using ladders and other rescuing equipment, though in the process there were four of the firefighters were injured along with one resident of the building. According to some residents, one person is missing from the saved residents, but they are also not sure if the person was present inside the building when the fire broke out.

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