San Antonio Downtown Shooting: One Of Two Officers Wounded Died One Day Later

san-antonio-downtown-shooting-one-of-two-officers-wounded-died-one-day-laterIn San Antonio, out of the two police officers got to shoot in the Thursday downtown incident is dead now, as on Friday morning, at a hospital, says an official.

The report says that these two officers went to investigate a vehicle break-in; meanwhile, they found two suspicious people and approached them when they started shooting which left both the officers wounded critically in the incident. While the suspect who started shooting was killed in the shootout by one of the two cops, and on another hand, there was another suspect who was later held in police custody, though he was not the one with a gun, in the shootout.

The police officials released the identity of both the officers, one died while the other still fighting against death in the hospital. The slain officer is identified as a 32-year old Officer Miguel Moreno, who served the police force for over 9 years, while the officer who is still fighting for life in the hospital is Julio Cavazos, who is a 36-year old partner of Moreno.

It was said that Moreno was shot in his upper torso, where the first bullet was stuck to the bullet-proof jacket, but the second hit his chest and gone straight to lungs, though Cavazos got a bullet in his chin, and now fighting for his life in the hospital. Cavazos is the one who dragged Moreno out of the shooting site, and then he returned fire and killed the suspect.

The police chief said these officers just wanted to talk to those people, didn’t knew they were the suspects.

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