Trump’s salacious comments about TV show host stirs up the canker; tweets.

trumps-salacious-comments-about-tv-show-host-stirs-up-the-canker-tweetsAll over again, another report about Donald Trump’s direct Tweets that has been directed towards a female TV show host. This comment, describing her publically as crazy is being criticised by the fellow republicans as well. The hosts of the MSNBC programme were directly mocked by Trump’s tweets.

The TV show, ‘Morning Joe’ – Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were directly abused and insulted by the President. His tweets are facing vehement condemnation as the people who are being talked about are eminent public figures as well.

In fact according to the reports, the daughter of the former White House national security adviser, Mika was called Low IQ and crazy as well. These silly and direct comments were quite personal that were made public over tweeter. It is also said that she was bleeding badly from a face lift while she visited one of his golf resorts around New Year’s Eve. Trump referred to former republican US congressman Scarborough as Psycho Joe. This has invited a huge storm of criticism in the parliamentary arena as eminent personalities are being criticised publically by making direct, spontaneous and frivolous comments.

Twitter comments are being used as weapon by the American dispensation where Trump is humiliating people by making personal comments. In fact senators and American law makers are also getting involved into the matter some commenting and criticising against Trump and some are speaking in favour as well. Though the entire scenario is facing huge condemnation by the fellow republicans as well.

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