Colorado Man Exceed Mistake Level After Killing Son Thought To Be Intruder

colorado-man-exceed-mistake-level-after-killing-son-thought-to-be-intruderIn Sedalia, Colorado, an emergency call on a Saturday night reported about a local man who has mistakenly shot and killed his son whom he thought to be an intruder, an unbelievable report placed by the deputies.

According to the report, which was released by the Douglas County Sheriff’s office by its deputies, the present officials have arrested a man, who has reportedly shot and killed his son whom he was mistaken to be an intruder, an unbelievable act noted. The officials have released the identity of the man on the Sunday morning as a 58 year old Frank Leon Huner, who is a local man of the Sedalia, is now charged with a suspicion of second-degree murder, and was placed a bond of $50,000 to release.

As per the statement, said by Lauren LeKander, a spokeswoman associated with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, around 10:15 pm, Saturday, there was an emergency call from the house, by Huner, and then he also revealed about the incident, said his son is the victim. The adult man died on the way to the hospital, and the police had arrested Huner when the victim died, as Huner explains the situation thoroughly to the police officials, and after which they grant a bond from which he was released.

Soon after, the police officials have placed an investigation team, and they will investigate the matter until the truth is recovered, while the identification of the victim is not released, as it will be by the coroner.

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