Honouring Indian immigrants by the American dispensation is being praised

honouring-indian-immigrants-by-the-american-dispensation-is-being-praisedAccording to the news, Indian Americans such as US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Adobe Chief Shantanu Narayen are being honoured and provided with acronym of praise as they did contribute a lot in the societal and cultural development of the nation.

They are soon going to be honoured with the ‘Great Immigrant’s ‘annual award on US Independence Day, July 4. Here we can see that Murthy was appointed by the former President Obama and is the youngest to occupy such a position.

Being a Harvard and Yale alumnus he did help in developing the nation on many an aspect. On the other hand Narayen is a native of Hyderabad and is having engineering degree in electronics and computer as well. He is also known to have an MBA degree from UC Berkeley.

According to news, Narayen is a board member of Pfizer and US India Business Council. He was also among a select group of CEO’s. He also met PM Modi while he was on a visit to Washington on a bilateral meeting.

This proves that the United States owes to the immigrants who had been so helpful for their nation and national as well as international affairs. Here immigrants did a better job on some aspects rather than the natives be it social, cultural or political arena. These two eminent personalities, despite being immigrants, did represent the USA in quite a satisfactory and efficient manner on an international level.

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