North Korea Tests Its Missiles Again, Directing Missiles To Japan, Said South Korean Military

north-korea-tests-its-missiles-again-directing-missiles-to-japan-said-south-korean-militaryIn Seoul, South Korea, on Tuesday, another ballistic missile test done by the North Koreans and now it sets the direction of the missile for Japan, which is showing that their missiles can able to set for the United States and even, reach there with a nuclear warhead. The South Korean officials have confirmed new missile tests made by the North, to show its new missile power to the US.

As per the report from South Korean officials, but the US authorities were not sure of the news from the South, as they are also not able to tell the US about the ballistic missile in more details. The US fears the North Korean’s ambitious long-range ballistic missile program, but this test could be the routine firing of a short-range missile which is only reachable to the borders of the North, but not able to hit the US soil.

Officials from South Korea confirmed that the missile launched from North Phyongan province of the segregated nation, and on the other hand, the missile landed on Japan’s one of the exclusive economic zones in the sea of Japan. This worried the island nation a lot, as most of the time North Korea conducts missile tests, it landed on Japan’s territories, though never any damages were done in its territories, like this time too, none of the present ships nor any aircraft comes in the missile’s way.

The US has ever concern on the North Korean missile tests, and even it waves up the military threats more as of now.

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