After Several Decades The US Conducts Airstrikes In Somalia, Now Against Al-Shabab

after-several-decades-the-us-conducts-airstrikes-in-somalia-now-against-al-shababIn Mogadishu, Somalia, it’s been over several years, since the last time the US have conduct airstrikes in the war-torn country of Somalia, then it was against Somali National Alliance (SNA), and now it’s against al-Shabab, one of the deadliest groups in Africa.

According to the Pentagon spokeswoman, Maj. Audricia M. Harris, who made a statement soon after the US military conducted the airstrikes in Somalia, where she said, the military has conducted airstrikes against the notorious al-Shabab militant groups, on Sunday afternoon. Harris confirmed that the Trump Government has turned off the airstrike operation against the terrorist group that linked to the al-Qaeda.

As the US has vowed to destroy all the Islamic extremist groups from the world, it set its footsteps in almost all those countries which are affected by Islamic terrorist groups, including Somalia. Harris also said that this was not a drone strike, but a proper airstrike, which she didn’t clarify properly, but this was never done by the US in Somalia in more than two decades, thus now is the time to set the boots on the familiar grounds.

Though the US military has conducted several drone strikes on the infamous terrorist groups, which were confirmed by the Somali officials, against the terrorist group, this was different than previous strikes. There was one in June when the US conducted attacks on al-Shabab and killed eight terrorists, including a commander in a segregated command and logistic camp.

Now, it seems the US is turning the page of Somalia’s terror chapter.

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