US President Is About To Offer Help To The Dying UK Boy- Charlie Gard

us-president-is-about-to-offer-help-to-the-dying-uk-boy-charlie-gardA UK boy named Charlie Gard has been suffering from mitochondrial DNA depletion where doctors have said that the chances are least of his survival. The unknown and very rare disease has not found any medical care doctor claimed that his life would not be any long supportive. The boy is almost 10 months old and on Monday Trump offered him a helping hand.

He is suffering from the rarest genetic disorder which is quite recoverable. The boy has gained international attention after the serious and continuous battles by his parents in providing support to his life and that he could live safely and comfortably. Moreover doctors said that he has least chance of survival due to very uncommon genetic disorder.

The experimental testing against this disease is being carried out in US and the parent claims that he would not be able to receive the treatment. Trump says that he would feel quite prestigious in offering helping hand to the little infant. This supportive declaration was reviewed from the Pope just few times before Trump announced.

Trump would take all possible steps which would prove beneficial and quite supportive for the boy. Moreover he would feel quite delighted in offering the any kind help to the suffering boy. Trump would possibly take all required steps to help the boy. Trump himself has not talked to the parents as he does not want to add unwanted pressure on the suffering parents thereon.

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