Georgian Woman Charged With Killing Her Family Members Is Due In Court

georgian-woman-charged-with-killing-her-family-members-is-due-in-courtIn Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday morning, a woman local to Gwinnett County is due in court for the charges against her, which were killing her husband along with four of her children, while the fifth child is admitted to the hospital, fighting death, says an official.

The incident occurred on Thursday, when a 33 year old mother and wife named Isabel Martinez, who is charged with stabbing to death her husband, and four children, plus another child of her also stabbed, but still alive barely, now in hospital. Martinez was arrested by the Gwinnett County Police on the very day and charged her with five counts of murder and malice murder, and six counts of aggravated assault.

It is also reported that it was her who called the 911 and reported there was deaths occurred in her home, and several of her family members were stabbed to death, said Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Michelle Pihera.

What prompt her to kill her family members is still unknown, but the police force estimates that she might have a psychological problem, which is although still not determined by the investigators.

According to Cheryl Meyer, an author who wrote books on mothers killing their children, and she said that there are many victims throughout the country where parents become the killer of their children. It was also seen when fathers came to stop mothers from killing children, then the father also being the victim, and most of the time it’s because of mental issues.

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