Maddening Search for Parking results in personal and financial strain

maddening-search-for-parking-results-in-personal-and-financial-strainThe U.S drivers experience a lot of pain in searching a place for parking. Motorists spend nearly 17 hours a year searching on streets, for spots in lots, or in garages, as per a report issued Wednesday.
The hunt adds to approximately $345 per driver waste of time, fuel, and emissions, as per the analysis by INRIX, a specialist leading in connected car services and transportation analytics.

Overpaying is caused by the inability of drivers’ and to estimate the need for parking or forking at a garage to avoid the risk of receiving a parking ticket is estimated to cost Americans over $20 billion a year or at least per driver $97, the report estimated.

Hunting for parking “imposes costs on pocketbooks that we hardly think about,” and adds to (traffic) congestion,” said an INRIX transportation analyst and co-author of this report, Bob Pishue,. “This is a problem faced by the drivers, local shops and businesses, too.”

Motorists in large cities experience toughest challenges.

In New York City, the U.S. urban area, drivers drive on an average speed of 107 hours a year looking for parking spots, said the report. The searches add to the report estimating as $2,243 in wasted time, fuel, and emissions per driver, besides $4.3 billion adding as costs to the Big Apple.
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle are the top five cities experiencing the toughest parking experiences, said the report.

The broader U.S. economy experiences the parking pain. The maddening searches leads to unknown emotional and personal problems. The drivers in the U.S are stressed terribly in finding a parking spot, said the report.

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